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We Buy Gold

We buy gold!

We are the original and most experienced gold buyers in the Naperville area. We have been buying old used gold jewelry since 1978. Gold was as low as $200 per ounce before the first gold rush began in 1979-1980 and it skyrocketed to $850 an ounce. Now gold is at $1365 an ounce and that means that selling your old broken yellow gold chains and gold bracelets, and gold class rings, amongst other old or new gold jewelry you want to sell, are now worth more than ever! 
We consistently pay at least 25% - 50% more than those gold buying stores, AND we give much more if you buy any new in-store merchandise with your proceeds! 
BE aware! Some gold buying stores and other stores will try to "low ball" you and it might take 3-4 times for them to play around with you and ask the manager, and coupons, etc., fighting you from the beginning. We beat their deal EVERY TIME! AND no "car dealer back and forth" meltdown. "Here today gone tomorrow"....none of them were here as little as 3 years ago and we have been serving Naperville for over 30 years. We want to help you with ALL your jewelry needs! (I mean we have heard of gas stations, restaurants, clothing and purse stores and other type stores buying gold and offering 30-50% less than our every day HIGHEST price! We ARE part of this community. Who ARE these people and do you really know them??)


Recently we have heard some absolute blatant false statements from different gold buying stores around the area and it just is NOT right. We just want to set the record straight and these stories were actually told to our employees and other customers when going there. Here are some of their false statements!

* "We have all the jewelers from around the area come and sell to us!" 100% false! We NEVER would go to any gold buying store to sell our gold. Just call ANY jeweler anywhere in the Unites States and ask them!
            * "No one pays more than us because we are the ONLY one who deals directly with the refinery!"
1000% false! We "jewelers" have been dealing with the best gold refineries for years and years!

            * "We have no overhead so we pay more, OR the jewelry stores buy gold on the side so they pay less as that's what we do for a living!!"
We ALL have overhead but we are local jewelers who have jewelry stores and deal in diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver, platinum, and operate jewelry stores and have served our customers HERE for over 30 years, and just buy gold as a service to our community. Gold buying is only a very small percentage of our business as we are jewelers. These "GOLD-BUYING-ONLY STORES" only buy gold so they have all that overhead totally relying on what they make on the gold. PERIOD! OF COURSE they must offer less than us as they have no other source to pay their rent and "overhead." Geeezzz! Duh! The other day someone told us they were offered exactly HALF of what we paid them!

            Another blantant false statement...."We are the ones ABC News said to bring your gold to!"
(Absolute opposite!)
As found in the ABC's Good Morning America  story...."Choose a reputable jeweler, someone who's known to you or has been recommended by a trusted source".* The Diamond Gallery of Naperville is your local, trustworthy, and dependable jeweler, with over 30 years history in Naperville. Bring your gold in today for a free quote.

            * full story at

Competition is one thing...blatant false statements are just WRONG!

Stop in and bring their "best price" and you'll see!! SERIOUSLY!

Get anyone's offer and bring it in and we guarantee to beat it by at least $50 OR MORE!! (Offers over $250 ) Deal with people you know, who have served this community for over 30 years! We've been buying gold for over 30 years in Naperville!

Come see us before you sell!

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