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Jackie and Kevin have been serving Naperville for over 30 years and there is over 90 years total experience with the entire staff, which unsurpassed in the area. The staff goes through extensive monthly training on product knowledge and industry news to offer our customers the best experience possible. Each sales staff member has certified degrees in diamonds and/or color gemstones, and we ONLY sell laboratory graded and certified diamonds. We have a Guild Gemologist and all our sales staff are Certified Diamontologists. All repairs are done in house with our Certified Bench Jeweler who has over 25 years experience. Our Store Manager Jennifer is certified in CAD Design and is a Custom Jewelry expert with over 10 years experience in jewlery repair trained by a Master Jeweler.
We now have the most advanced digital 3D design software anywhere and custom jobs go smoothly "from dream to reality" right at the counter at the computer. "Custom design is our specialty" and at surprisingly affordable prices and with an amazingly quick turnaround. (See the Custom Design Counter Sketch Rotator on the home page.) Custom designs started years ago with hand sketches and waxes. The new custom designing has moved from manual custom creations to simple quick digital custom creations. (Our younger computer staff!) With the advent of Matrix Custom CAD design, Digital Goldsmith, and The all new "Countersketch" we can now, literally create anything imaginable and begin creating it right before your eyes in minutes!

"Where Naperville gets engaged!"


Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the best possible jewelry experience with quality unique jewelry products that have outstanding value. We understand today's customer and all us us want the best deal and don't want to be taken. Yet, old school and experience is only HALF of the picture. Hard work, great pricing and giving great value is our mission. It is also our desire to give "Exceptional Customer Service" exactly the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We're part of the community, and we live here, our children went to school here and now, so do our grandchildren. In all our years in this business we have never seen more incredible values for our customers than today. Whatever we can do to make someone's day, we will do it. We have hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous estate like new jewelry pieces that are all certified and fully warranted and like brand new. Selling gold? Gold buying stores pop up everywhere but WE ALWAYS pay more, EVERY DAY! With over 30 years in Naperville buying gold why go anywhere else?

If you haven't been getting exceptional treatment, great prompt service from your jeweler or jewelry store, or you're new to the area, then by all means stop in! Allow us to make your day and welcome you to one great family of thousands of happy customers. 

"You have a friend in the jewelry business!"

Yours truly,

Kevin & Jackie and Staff


"Where Naperville gets engaged"

Customer Testimonials

Best Jewelry Store in the World! Kevin and Jackie are the best. My entire family has been getting jewelry from them for years. I get compliments daily on my wedding rings. I would never buy a diamond from anyone else.

What a WONDEFUL experience!!!! I have know the Diamond Gallery family for quite a long time. Their selection and prices are fantastic. I am so thrilled to say that my engagement ring came from Jackie and Kevin.

When it comes to understanding a customers wants and needs, the staff at The Diamond Gallery is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that complete satisfaction is achieved. If they do not have exactly what you may have in mind, they will use their extensive resources and invaluable list of contacts to devise a unique outcome that exceeds expectations. From concept to the creative conclusion, I will continue to rely on them to provide the high quality that they have become known for.

When it comes to understanding a customers wants and needs, the staff at The Diamond Gallery is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that complete satisfaction is achieved. If they do not have exactly what you may have in mind, they will use their extensive resources and invaluable list of contacts to devise a unique outcome that exceeds expectations. From concept to the creative conclusion, I will continue to rely on them to provide the high quality that they have become known for.
You can not find a better place to shop for jewelry period. The staff have always been honest and respectful to everyone that has ever been in there store. I have known Jackie (Owner) for twenty six years. I have purchased everything from a small sweet heart high school ring for my girl friend, to a diamond wedding ring for my wife (same girl) that cost me more than my annual salary at the time. I travel all over the world and have yet to find a store with everything they bring to the table. As with everything in life yes there is always cheaper but I have never had an issue that Jackie did not go above and beyond to solve. I must admit that the issue that I did have was my fault, but Jackie rose to the occasion and made my wife and I very happy. I have recommended there service to people out of the country and out of state, and everyone has always thanked me for introducing them to the Diamond Gallery. The service they offer is not available to anyone from the large box stores or on-line. Jewelry is a very personal product and must be shopped for as such; if you want to be happy with your purchase for your lifetime then you must give Jackie at the Diamond Gallery a shot.

This jewelry store is top notch! Everyone that works there is AMAZING and super helpful! My entire family gets their jewelry there and all of us have been more than satisfied with our purchases. Prior to become a huge fan of the Diamond Gallery, I had been a customer of a big chain jewelry store down the street. After the 'other store' had "ruined" my engagement ring, Kevin and Jackie's store was more than willing to work with me and my insurance company to get everything fixed. They were wonderful! I am so lucky that they were willing to work with me on getting a new diamond and fix my setting. I also know that my parents, grandmother, aunt, and uncle have all been very pleased with their purchases at the Diamond Gallery. I hope that Kevin and Jackie are able to stay in business for many years to come. ~ Ashley

My husband and I got married in 2009 and while shopping for our wedding bands, the Diamond Gallery was phenomenal. My engagement ring was white gold, but the wedding band my husband selected for me was platinum. The fine people at Diamond Gallery gave me a great deal on a new platinum band for my engagement ring and they were able to have it done quickly. I felt safe leaving my engagement ring in their hands. I was extremely satisfied with the work and two years later have not had a single problem. I would definitely send my friends there and my brother purchased his wedding bands and my sister in law's engagement rings in 2010. Thank you!

The easiest part of the entire wedding process I had never been to the diamond gallery before I went in there with my then Fiancé (found it driving by). From start to finish, they helped us out with explaining everything we need to know about engagement rings and wedding rings. The young lady who assisted us, Jen, was beyond nice and very professional/helpful. I cannot say enough nice things about The Diamond Gallery of Naperville. Moreover, my now wife's engagement rings ALWAYS gets compliments. Thanks Jen and Diamond Gallery.

Dear Kevin,

I just want to express my greatest gratitude for all you did to make my wedding set perfect. I came to you with a wedding band that was previously made by another jeweler and did not at all match my engagement ring the way it was supposed to. I was so upset, even crying, and you were there as a caring professional to lead me through my options. In a mad rush with only 7 days to go before my wedding day you took that band of diamonds and made me a new and perfectly matching eternity wedding ring. You also spruced up my engagement ring. When my fiancé opened that box the night of our rehearsal the smile on my face went from ear to ear. Words could not express how impressed I was with your work. Less than a month later my husband returned to your store to buy me my Christmas present. When I opened this box the tears returned again, only this time it was tears of happiness. We love your work and your prices and we are so happy to have you as our jeweler.

Thanks again,
Kathryn and Todd

Dear Kevin:

Chris and I would like to thank you for your dedication and impeccable craftsmanship. It is because of your efforts that my wish for the “perfect” engagement ring was granted. You had come recommended by a good friend and I had high (almost unattainable) hopes for the perfect ring in less than a week’s time. My (now) husband was in from Singapore for only one week and we wanted to pick out a ring together and have it in time for the wedding day a week later. You brought in a diamond that was specific to my criteria and even nicer than I had ever expected. It was nearly flawless and colorless and sparkled like no other diamond I had ever seen. I still get compliments everyday from friends, family, and even perfect strangers on the elegance and sparkle of the ring. Your knowledge, honesty, and candor made us feel confident and comfortable with this large purchase. You clearly listened to every detail that was important to us and created a masterpiece for us to share for a lifetime. You researched, educated us, designed, and created our ring within the tight time frame without sacrificing quality, value, or professionalism. No distance can change the fact that you will always be our jeweler. I am just thankful that we met you in time for our wedding.

Always grateful,

Kristin and Chris

Hi Jackie & Kevin,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping son our Pete pick out his Wedding ring set. As always, the quality & the price were excellent and he and Lori are very happy.

Of further note, in over 20 years of doing business with Jackie, not once, have Laura & I received anything less than five star service and PROFESSIONALISM.

We consider you both as part of our family!!!

Thanks again,
Bob and Laura Joslyn
Phoenix, AZ

Hi, Kevin and Jackie.

We have been a customer for over 15 years and have never had anything less than superior service. What once started out as a business relationship has grown into a real friendship. When we upgraded my diamond, it was comforting to know that we can always rely on your expertise and professionalism. You went above and beyond to find the perfect diamond for me and I just love it! There is nothing like having that TRUST factor like we have with you and your staff.

Thanks for EVERYTHING! You guys are the best!

Kerri and Eric
Downers Grove, IL

I have been buying from Jackie and Kevin for more than 10 YEARS! Well- really Jackie and her impeccable taste has helped me pick out the right jewelry for a list of girlfriends. She knows exactly what I'm looking for BEFORE I even know - amazing! Kevin has helped with the right gift for my four nieces - he knows just what an uncle should give for that important occasion religious or otherwise.

Over the years Jackie and Kevin have been with me to select and compare and I always left the store excited. They made me feel important. I was always able to make the right purchase at the right price. They have helped me make so many memories. That's really why jewelry is such an important gift. It makes memories - memories that last.

I think I know why I felt important; it was because Jackie and Kevin think everyone is important ! Time and time again I have sent friends to them and they always took care of them. I never had the chance to send my family there - they have been customers longer than I have.

Key West. FL & Naperville, IL

Hey Kevin and Jackie,

I just want to share in writing my engagement story. I am 23 and just recently purchased an engagement ring. This was my first major jewelry purchase, so naturally I took my time, researched and shopped around with several jewelers in the area and in downtown Chicago in order to make the best purchase with respect to quality and price. I ended up purchasing an absolutely beautiful .47 carat solitary white-gold engagement ring from Kevin at the Diamond Gallery in Naperville. Even though the diamond isn't extremely large, it is a Hearts and Arrows diamond so it sparkles like crazy! It's perfectly mathematically cut so that it reflects the maximum amount of light (this is very obvious just by looking at the diamond).

Anyway, my girlfriend, Charissa, was out vacationing with me and my family at a small cabin on a lake in the mountain woods of northwest Montana. One evening near dusk, we took a ride on a small motorcycle up a winding mountain road. After traveling about halfway up the mountain we stopped and walked a short ways through the woods to an opening overlooking the lake and trees below. We had cushions and blankets to sit on while we relaxed and talked enjoying some time together. We shared a very tasty chocolate bar from Germany and continued to hang out as we watched the sun begin to disappear below the mountains on the far side of the lake. I told Charissa that I wanted her to stand up (she was now wrapped in a blanket because it was getting a little cold) and focus on the beauty of the scenery around and to focus on me and then close her eyes, relax, and listen. I was planning to read her a poem I had written earlier...only there was a slight problem. It was now dark enough that I couldn't see what I had written! However, the ring box holding the engagement ring provided the saving solution. The ring box had a little light inside that illuminated when the box was open. So, while Charissa's eyes were closed, I opened the ring box and used its light to read her the poem. When I was finished, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes and with much emotion gave me an enthusiastic hug which almost knocked me down the mountain. She loves the ring. Our wedding is set for next July.

Thanks for the immaculate diamond and the amazing lighting ring box.

Best regards,
Pete Shull
Aurora, IL


I proposed to my girlfriend Jenn on July 22, 2007. I thought of the idea of how to propose on July 12th, only 10 days earlier! Our engagement was a long time in the works, but ended up being executed very quickly-- mostly made possible by you and your excellent staff. Anyway, Jenn had (jokingly) given me a deadline for the proposal (our five-year dating anniversary) and I was having trouble thinking of a way to propose while still surprising her. It would have been impossible for me to plan a romantic evening together without her suspecting that night was going to be "The Night" that it was going to happen.

What I seized upon was an event that we already had on the calendar: a fund raising dinner held by a convent for which my company provides IT and computer service. This being an annual event, and Jenn and I having attended last year, it was the perfect opportunity for me to surprise her and give her a fantastic story to tell her girlfriends.

It took a lot of work to refine the plan. Eventually we decided on including an expensive, high quality jewelry box in the silent auction that takes place before the dinner. The box was planted in the auction by my best man and a few "accomplices" from the sisterhood, and the bidding for it was rigged so that Jenn would win. During dinner, another one of my accomplices made an announcement from the stage asking for bidder 485 to come up regarding their bid on the jewelry box. Jenn looked confused, and I offered to go up with her. Once on stage, I suggested she open the jewelry box. Inside was the lit ring box from the Diamond Gallery, containing her beautiful Polar Bear engagement ring with a Hearts and Arrows cut. In the stage light it was sparkling like crazy! I grabbed a mic from a stand on stage, took the ring out of the jewelry box and got down on one knee to propose in front of 700-plus people.

Jenn, needless to say, was taken completely off guard but did manage to say, "yes" over the roar of applause from the crowd. We're planning on getting married next September.

Kevin, thank you for working so quickly and so expertly to help make that evening that we will remember for the rest of our lives so perfect!

St. Charles, IL


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